GLOSSYBOX: Redefining loyalty

We’re all used to earning loyalty points for shopping more, but the leading beauty subscription service, GLOSSYBOX, have taken the concept to an exciting new level. And we’ve worked with them every step of the way.

Starting today, GLOSSYBOX - who sell one beauty box packed with luxury cosmetics and lifestyle products every 12 seconds! - will be rewarding their customers with GLOSSYdot loyalty points not just when they spend more themselves, but also when they convince their friends to sign up via their brand new referral programme.

It’s a really clever idea - especially since, given GLOSSYBOX’s subscription model, there’s little room for existing customers to increase their personal spending. But there is enormous scope for them to spread the word and get their friends spending, too.

And that marks a new era for loyalty. Where it’s traditionally been one-to-one (brand to consumer), it can now be one-to-one-to-many: brand to consumer to all the consumer’s friends. And, rather than spending a fortune on a new loyalty points system, GLOSSYBOX and other brands can simply use the Buyapowa rewards engine to do all the heavy listing with absolutely no development overheads.


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Space NK: Three is the magic number

When it comes to referrals, one size definitely does not fit all. What works for a supermarket won’t work for a luxury fashion brand. What works for a mobile phone network won’t work for a casual dining chain. And, if there’s one sector which is all about finding the perfect match, it’s premium beauty - where the slightest variation in shade, smell or effect can make a massive difference.

So, it’s no wonder that the refer-a-friend programme from celebrated cosmetics retailer, Space NK, is every bit as customised - and that’s something they’ve only been able to achieve by using the uniquely-configurable Buyapowa platform. Unlike standard referral programmes, where advocates receive a reward each and every time they get a friend shopping, SpaceNK are holding back their extra-generous reward until a participant gets three friends shopping.

Now, that wouldn’t work for, say, an automotive brand but, in the world of premium beauty - where every customer is likely to have numerous friends with similar taste and style - it makes perfect sense. And, it’s something SpaceNK are able to double-down on with another unique Buyapowa feature: the referral leaderboard, where the

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