Sorry, Hubspot. Social media is NOTHING like sex.

Social Media Is Nothing Like Sex

I just stumbled upon an old blog post from the fine ladies and gentlemen at Hubspot, trying to convince me that Social Media Is A Lot Like Sex.

It’s not. And here’s 10 reasons why…

Social media is all about doing it in public.

57% of marketers have acquired customers via blogging. Fewer than 52% of them have acquired customers via sex. Possibly significantly fewer.

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Football Retail: Still Living In The Dark Ages

Football Retail: Still Living In The Dark Ages

I’m… long pause… shuffle of feet… awkward silence… a Spurs fan. There I said it. But don’t worry if you’re a fan of any of the other 18 perfectly-respectable premiership clubs (or even Arsenal), this is a friendly, well-meaning blog post. I mean you no harm. Besides, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to being fans. We’re all walking wallets. Cash cows. Client reference numbers. We’re consumers of the official beer, the official ticket provider, the official online betting companies. But we’re never, ever, customers.

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Turn on your Facebook (*shocking stats inside*)

Shocking Facebook Stats

Some amazing stats from the Mediabistro AllFacebook Marketing Conference this morning, where Vincent Sider, VP of Social Media for the BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, bemoaned the impact of Facebook’s new EdgeRank algorithms. For anyone who’s not run into this problem, Facebook recently tweaked its backend settings to prevent so much corporate content from reaching Fans’ News Feeds. As a consequence, some brands’ posts are now reportedly seen by as few as 6% of their Fans. Yep, just six percent. Pretty hard to get return on that investment.

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We’re one of the most exciting new companies in the UK: and that’s official!

We're one of the most exciting new companies in the UK: and that's official!

We hate to blow our own trumpet. Luckily, the judges of the Real Business Wonga Future 50 blew it for us and included buyapowa in their definitive list of game-changing UK businesses last night. It’s a little humbling and a lot exciting.

We’re still very young and we’re learning new things every day, but we entered this market to prove that social commerce can and must be more than just bolting a store onto your Facebook Page, or collecting pennies via affiliate links. That’s why being recognised as doing something pioneering and of value to our partners is incredibly gratifying.

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