How to stop Amazon eating your lunch

Worried about Amazon’s UK imminent grocery launch? Buyapowa’s work with the likes of Ocado and Tesco demonstrates there is an answer…

So, that’s it, then. It was fun while it lasted but, the grocery sector is set to go the way of Blockbuster, Borders and Comet - crushed under the steel jackboot of Amazon. Pack up the peas, put away the pasta; when Bezos lines you up in his sights, there’s only one possible outcome. And it ain’t no picnic.

Except… no. Wait. Just like Pep Guardiola coming to the Premier League or Bruce Willis’s best-forgotten singing career, Amazon are completely unproven in this environment. And, while they definitely will attract a bunch of shoppers keen to try something new, instant success is far from a sure thing.

That said, Britain’s supermarkets can’t just sit back and hope for the best. They need to use the one thing Amazon don’t have to shore up their advantage, and that’s their existing grocery customers. They’ve got tens of millions, Amazon have precisely zero. But it won’t be enough simply to enter into a price war, hoping to gouge extra pennies

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Ocado et son programme de parrainage

Lorsqu’un distributeur renommé tel qu’Ocado repense l’acquisition client, ne pensez vous pas que cela mérite de mener l’enquête ?

Si vous ne connaissez pas encore le nouveau programme de parrainage Ocado, la video ci-dessous vous accompagnera dans cette découverte de son fonctionnement.

Voici la video

Ocado fait parti des distributeurs leaders qui se sont tournés vers Buyapowa pour lui permettre de booster son parrainage digital. Si vous souhaitez voir quelques études de cas, ou si vous préférez une démonstration complète de notre plate-forme, nous serons ravis de vous apporter tout complement d’information.

N’hésitez pas a nous contacter, nous partagerons avec plaisir nos connaissances et savoirs-faire en matière de marketing de recommandation (ou parrainage), ayant travaillé avec plus d’une centaine de marques et distributeurs de reference mondiaux.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le parrainage digital, n’hésitez pas à nous en faire part.

Voir l’activité récente des clients de Buyapowa:

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Ocado's Invite a Friend Scheme

When a retailer as great and sophisticated as Ocado rethinks customer acquisition, I guess you would be interested to know more?

If you haven't already seen Ocado's new Invite-a-Friend initiative, the short video below will walk you through how it works.

Enjoy the video!

Ocado is just one of many leading retailers that have looked to Buyapowa to help super-charge their referral marketing. If you'd like to see some case studies, or if you would prefer a full demo of our platform, we'd love to hear from you .

Just drop us a line and we can share what we have learned about referral marketing from working with over 100 of the World's leading brands and retailers!

See Recent Buyapowa Client Activity:

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Refer-a-Friend Scheme



When looking at Refer-a-Friend or ‘RAF’ schemes, potential clients often ask us: ‘Why should we not just build this ourselves?’

Or, where a brand or retailer has already built a simple invite-a-friend scheme in-house, the question is often: ‘Why should we not just add these features to our existing RAF scheme?’

Well, when a truly great and sophisticated online business like Ocado takes the decision to outsource its referral marketing to Buyapowa, maybe that fact should be enough to answer these questions.

Here is what Thomas Thomaidis, Head of Marketing and Insight for Grocery at Ocado had to say:

"At Ocado we are delighted when our satisfied customers help spread the word about our service. Having run invite-a-friend schemes in the past, we're are excited to test the potential of the Buyapowa platform to generate large scale referrals."

But in case you need more convincing, here are seven reasons why you should outsource your referral marketing software to a 'best-in-class' provider like Buyapowa instead of trying to do it all yourself:


A successful Refer-a-Friend scheme is a lot more than just

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