BT Mobile, Lebara and Three's Smarty all join the Buyapowa family

BT Mobile, Lebara and Smarty

Just last month, we announced the launch of a refer-a-friend programme for Vodafone's VOXI sub-brand. Today, we're delighted to announce that we'll be working with three further UK telecoms companies: BT Mobile, Lebara and Smarty - the brand new in-house MVNO from another of our clients, Three.

Each of these networks is highly distinct, with singular selling points: BT Mobile offers the UK's biggest 4G network, free wi-fi and perks such as BT Sport; Lebara specialises in international calling, offering packages including unlimited calls to 50 countries across the globe; while Smarty is one of a new breed of highly-targeted sub-brands with compelling features - in this case, a novel new approach to data, where any unused megabytes are refunded the following month.

For a number of years, Buyapowa has been the go-to referral marketing platform for the telecoms industry. Clients such as Three and O2 have benefitted enormously from our technology but, equally, we've benefitted from working with them - developing our understanding of the telecoms sector and its customers at a rate and to a degree which would never have been possible without such incredible hands-on experience. And it's that experience which enables our team of experts to

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O2 Invite-A-Friend Launch Video

When Telefonica's O2 decides to empower and reward its happy customers for talking to their friends, family and colleagues about the services it offers, then that surely merits a closer look?

If you haven't already seen O2's new Tell-a-Friend Scheme, the short walk-through below will show you how it works.

Enjoy the video!

O2 is just one of many leading brands and retailers that have put their trust in the Buyapowa referral marketing solution. If you'd like to see some case studies, or if you fancy a full demo of our platform, we'd love to hear from you .

Just drop us a line and we can share what we have learned about referral marketing from working with over 100 of the World's leading brands and retailers!

See Recent Buyapowa Client Activity:

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O2: keeping the UK's happiest customers even happier with Buyapowa

O2 are in the business of helping friends, family and colleagues talk to each other. Which is why it makes perfect sense that, when their customers are happy (and, according to Ofcom, they have the highest customer satisfaction of any UK mobile provider), they should talk to those friends, family and colleagues about the services O2 offers.

But referrals, even from happy customers, don't happen just like that. Customers need to be given the right rewards and incentives to refer friends not just once, but again and again. And referrals need to happen easily, securely and naturally from any touchpoint, whether that be a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer.

That's why O2 has turned to Buyapowa to power the customer referrals for its Pay Monthly products.

When an O2 customer inspires a friend to join O2 on a Pay Monthly contract, both they and their friend will each receive up to £40 in Amazon vouchers (depending on the value of the contract). And, to keep customers introducing more and more friends, O2 will be running regular leaderboard contests, rewarding their most successful advocates with exciting, money-can't-buy prizes.

To see O2's tell a friend programme, just click here.


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Telefonica de O2 œuvre pour permettre aux amis, famille et collègues de communiquer simplement. Aussi, il va de soi que si les consommateurs en sont satisfaits ils recommanderont les services O2 à leur entourage.

Et bien que les consommateurs de la marque soient satisfaits, les parrainages ne se font pas d’un claquement de doigt. Il est indispensable d’offrir aux consommateurs les récompenses et encouragements adéquats pour parrainer non pas un, mais toujours plus d’amis. En outre, le parrainage doit se faire facilement, naturellement et en toute sécurité à partir de n’importe quel point de contact, que ce soit un téléphone portable, une tablette ou un ordinateur.

Pour se faire, O2 s’est tourné vers Buyapowa afin de gérer les parrainages de consommateurs pour ses différentes offres de forfaits mensuels.

Lorsqu’un consommateur de O2 incite un ami à souscrire à un forfait mensuel, le consommateur et son ami reçoivent tous deux jusqu'à 40 £ en bons d’achat sur Amazon (selon la valeur du contrat). Et pour pousser les consommateurs à parrainer encore plus d’amis, O2 organise des concours avec un classement à la clé, récompensant ses meilleurs ambassadeurs avec des récompenses uniques exceptionnelles.

Pour consulter

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When we shop together we've got the right stuff

Teamwork: make useful by Buyapowa

My little boy is obsessed with 'Wonder Pets'. Okay, that's a lie. I'm obsessed with 'Wonder Pets', Nickelodeon's animated masterpiece where a bunch of opera-singing kindergarten pets save imperilled animals via the medium of teamwork. The kid just joins me on the couch.

That's how I spend my evenings, but teamwork's also pretty much what I do for my day-job. I help customers team together to make amazing things happen, and I help brands galvanise the power of that teamwork to turn business goals into business realities. Here's how...

Since we set up Buyapowa three years ago, we've studied, experimented and developed amazing technologies to harness the power of teamwork and use it to drive and magnify sales. The latest addition to our platform is a brand new social selling component called 'Kickstart it' - more on that later - but, first, let's look back to our first ever component (and still one of our most popular ones): the 'Price steps'.

'Price steps' - where prices continually improve as more and more people shop - work because there's a simple but powerful built-in communal incentive for every customer to share. If I take part and the price of a pair

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