Lyko's beautiful new referral scheme

Buyapowa are the market leaders in powering world-class referral programmes for the beauty sector, so we’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Lyko - the celebrated Scandinavian beauty and haircare retailer.

With over 40 stores across Sweden and Norway, Lyko stock over 35,000 items from 500 brands, and their new referral programme will enable them to equip and incentivise their huge family of happy customers to get their friends shopping, too. From today, each customer who successfully refers a friend will earn 50 SKR against their next purchase of hair or beauty products. And the referred friend will receive 100 SKR credit to spend with the retailer.

Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO of Buyapowa said "Lyko partnered with Buyapowa for their first referral programme because of our extensive experience working with beauty brands and retailers including FeelUnique, Space NK, L'Oréal, Glossybox and Treatwell.

"As well as accessing our state-of-the-art referral marketing technology - which allows customers to refer across email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS or any social network - they wanted to partner with the world’s beauty referral experts. Our client services team will be working closely with everyone at Lyko to ensure that their new

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Now powering referral marketing across Norway

Like apple pie, muscle cars and blue jeans, referral marketing used to be a quintessentially American phenomenon. But, in the past few years, it’s spread like wildfire across the globe: first in the UK, then throughout Asia and Western Europe and now - with a bang - in Norway.

So, it’s no surprise that, hot on the heels of FMCG brand Zentio and the leading fashion retailer Nelly, our latest client win is a Norwegian one - the digital grocer (and Norway's fastest growing entrepreneurial company),

Having worked with the likes of Ocado and Tesco, our team have unrivalled experience in the grocery sector, and we’re excited to see what we can achieve with a grocer that’s so innovative it's already delivering directly to people’s parked cars. It's certainly making great use of one of Buyapowa’s most innovative features - our referral leaderboard - meaning that the customer who gets the most friends shopping will get to enjoy dinner with world champion master chef, Geir Skeie. joins the ever-growing list of leading brands and retailers in the Nordics and across the globe that have placed their trust in

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We’ve always loved working with Nordic clients - from the local outpost of PepsiCo to the subscription experts, Zentio. We’re from a country where it rains all summer so, we’re delighted to announce our latest client from the land where the sun shines all day in summer: Sweden’s fashion powerhouse,

Often described as the ASOS of the Nordics (we’re lucky to work with ASOS in the UK too), Nelly offer 850 brands of super-cool clothing plus their own highly-regarded designs. They trade right across the world, including dedicated sites for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, plus Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium and the UK. And, best of all, they’re using the Buyapowa platform to acquire new customers while taking their loyalty programme to an exciting new level.

Starting today, anyone who gets a friend shopping will earn 25 NLY Points, which they can spend on future purchases, while the friend gets 15% off off their first shop. Things get even more exciting, though, as customers introduce more and more friends, with special prizes when they hit five and then ten referrals, plus top prizes of thousands of NLY Points for the five

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"There is no social media"

Social media does not exist

I love it when people are bold. Bold and correct. And Norwegian marketing supremo Helge Tennø said something absolutely brilliant last night. Like a free lunch, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, "There is no Social Media".

Cue the sound of a million self-appointed gurus imploding.


To be fair to Helge, he provides some superb and balanced context to his wonderfully bold statement, citing leading professors, journals and institutions who all agree we're about to undergo an industrial-revolution-style sea-change in retail, where mass consumerism (one size fits all) gives way to individual demand and tailored production. Participation and dialogue (that'll be your social media, folks) can be one of the answers, but it has to be implemented at the business level, rather than shouldering it off to a marketing team and hoping for the best.

The upshot? Over to Helge...

This is not about one single tool entertaining customers or allowing the creative brains to experiment as the business itself is doing “business as usual”.

He nailed it. Social media, if it does exist, is meaningless. Social Commerce is everything.

Here's a sidenote: we just ran a Social Commerce campaign with Pepsi Max in Helge's homeland of Norway which

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Winning business with global megabrands: there's another way

Made In Norway

We were in Norway recently, speaking at a convention. Now, ordinarily, we might baulk at the idea of travelling over 700 miles for one engagement, but it turned out to be a gem of a trip.

Not only did we meet some wonderful people, we also lined up deals with a number of superstar megabrands. The kind of brands which would take years to get in front of, were you to go through their US or UK offices. But, over there in Scandinavia, there's a real hunger to try out new things, to meet new people, to get business done - and then, once you've achieved success together, to champion their pioneering work with you throughout the company's global network.

So, if you can't get in at Guinness, have you considered Guinness in Nigeria as your foot in the door? Have you approached Estée Lauder's Asian office "Osiao" instead of the US behemoth? It’s a small world… once you know where to start.

Have you done business with a huge brand overseas? Are you one of those adventurous souls doing pioneering work in a giant corporation's 'foreign' territory? Drop us a line - we'd love to hear your perspective.

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