Talk is cheap: the state of Social Commerce 2013

Talk is cheap: the state of Social Commerce 2013

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Last year, the blogger Francisco Rosales wrote a brilliant piece asking whether we were ready for Social Commerce. It was a strange time: on the one hand, research companies like Gartner were saying brands were about to start generating 50% of their web sales via social. On the flip-side, F-Commerce (ie, bolting old-fashioned e-stores onto your Facebook Page) had crashed and burned all over Zuckerberg-land, making social selling about as sexy as a yardsale in a cemetery.

So, it's high time to take a look at the state of Social Commerce today. And where better to start than New York, where the great, the good and the bountifully expense-accounted recently gathered for Business Insider's rather grandly-titled Social Commerce Summit. Shall we take a look at who spoke?

Well, there were retailers from the likes of the Home Shopping Network, Sears, Walgreens and True&Co (an online bra store, it turns out - which made researching this post a time-consuming chore). There were pundits, thinkers and writers. There

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