Gamification: here's how to make it work

Gamification: It's What Makes Social Soar

We've noticed quite a few people talking about "gamification" recently - some of it (perhaps wilfully) reductive, some of it a little too inclusive (are road signs _really _"gamification at its finest", Mashable?). But the common thread seems to be an agreement that an interactive layer of incentives, goals and rewards is the hot new thing in social marketing. And, if your company's not playing its customers off against each other to ratchet up the buzz, you'll be going out of business quicker than you can pass go (without collecting £200).

No wonder a recent report by Gartner said that by 2014, "a gamified service for consumer goods marketing and customer retention will become as important as Facebook, eBay or Amazon," adding that "more than 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application."

By 2014, a gamified service for consumer goods marketing and customer retention will become as important as Facebook, eBay or Amazon.

We're on the "damn straight" side of the fence here at buyapowa - but we believe that bolting on a gaming element is at best redundant, often patronising and, at times, disastrous. That's why our products feature carefully woven gaming elements throughout the user experience cycle.

To take our Price-Drop Co-buy model as an example, the gaming begins right at the start - when users request products then compete to make their dream Co-buys happen. The gamification continues once the Price-drop goes live, as users group together and share the deal to access unique pricing. And gamification provides a satisfying ending to every Price-drop, with a winner being declared (and rewarded) for having shared the most.

Having run thousands of Co-buys like this, we jabbed our scientists in the arm and asked them to prove that gamification works*. They hit us with one, knockout stat which absolutely proved what we suspected: just over 50% of all co-buyers are referred in by other Co-buyers. That's true gamification in action, and it's why it matters. 

* We'll stop bullying them the moment they stop lining up so many pens in their shirt pockets.

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Do you fancy saving 40 million dollars?

Science From Our Labs

How much is a social share worth to your business? A few pennies? More? As much as $4.15, like the value Eventbrite recently put on every single Facebook share? That's some serious ROI providing you spend significantly less on cultivating those shares.

Our boffins in the buyapowa lab have been busy crunching the numbers and... well, let's just say we've created 10m shares since we started out 12 months ago (actually, not far off). That would be worth about $40m.

That's what the boffins say.

Our accountants, on the other hand, regret to inform us that we haven't yet made anything like that in fees.

Which means our clients have seen some serious ROI.

Fancy joining them? Drop us a line and we'd be delighted to share some more secrets from our lab!

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