Our heaven scent referral programme for A.S. Watson's The Perfume Shop

As the largest international health and beauty retailer in Asia and Europe, A.S. Watson are the leading experts in their sector and home to household-name brands including Savers, Watsons and Superdrug. So it's no surprise that they'll be teaming up with Buyapowa, the world's leading experts in referral marketing, to deliver a refer-a-friend programme for another one of their best-loved brands, The Perfume Shop.

Buyapowa's experience in beauty sector is unparalleled, having worked with brands and retailers including L'Oréal, Feelunique, L'Occitane, Space NK and many more. And, thanks to our ability to integrate with clients' loyalty schemes, plus our omnichannel referral tracking features, we're uniquely placed to deliver a programme that not only gets The Perfume Shop's most passionate customers sharing, it also gets their friends shopping - whether that's online, on mobile or in any one of The Perfume Shop's 250 stores.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting launch. In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about the Buyapowa platform and how beauty brands and retailers are using it to acquire unprecedented numbers of new customers, just get in touch.

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Golden global: L'Occitane's referral programme rolls out internationally

L'Occitane's referral programme

Hot on the heels of their recent UK launch, L’Occitane are taking their refer-a-friend programme into five more countries across four continents. As the programme rolls out over the coming weeks, customers in France, Germany, the United States, Brazil and Japan will be equipped and incentivised to introduce their friends to the world-famous luxury beauty brand, earning rewards every time one of them shops.

The expansion reaffirms L’Occitane’s commitment to referral marketing - now the leading channel for acquisition - and to leveraging the passion of their existing customers in order to win over new ones. It’s also a tremendous vote of confidence in the Buyapowa platform, which powers the brand’s referral programme, and in the expert team behind it.

With over six years experience staging hundreds of referral programmes around the world, Buyapowa have been able to offer invaluable advice and guidance on referral within the beauty sector - garnered from working with brands including Feelunique, L’Oréal and A.S. Watson’s The Perfume Shop. Buyapowa’s experts have also been able to provide invaluable insight on the very different habits, trends and drivers influencing customers and their friends in each of these

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The saddest Facebook page in the world

The saddest Facebook page in the world

If ever proof were needed that Facebook Likes are essentially meaningless, just visit Mitt Romney's Page and repeatedly hit 'refresh'. You'll see what we've illustrated in the pic above: his 'Likes' are visibly dropping in real time.

We've never seen that before, and it almost makes us feel sorry for the man. But it's a powerful symbol of how meaningless Facebook 'Likes' are when they don't represent real people with real and abiding enthusiasm.

Here at buyapowa, we've developed a suite of social commerce tools which give people powerful reasons not just to 'Like' your brand, but also to champion it to their friends, to develop a closer relationship with you and, ultimately, to 'vote' for you by purchasing. That's something everyone should like.

Want to know more? Just get in touch, and we'd be delighted to shake your hand, kiss your baby and talk you through our manifesto. Oh, and sort out a trial. We'll do that for you, too.

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Never, ever underestimate your customers


We all worry. Will our customers get it? Will they know what to do? Will they know where to click? Have we made things as easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy as humanly possibly?

Well, get this.

The utterly wonderful One Laptop Per Child project recently dropped off a consignment of over 20 Android-powered Motorola tablets in an Ethiopian village where the locals had no reading and writing skills. "You won't even see printed labels or words on bottles," said OLPC's chairman, Nicholas Negroponte, "these people have never even seen words." The boxes were taped shut and contained no instructions and, not unreasonably, Negroponte thought the local kids would just play with the boxes and leave the tablets in the dirt.

But here's the thing...

Within four minutes, one child had figured out how to turn his tablet on (remember: he'd never so much as seen an on-off switch before).

Within five days, the children were using an average of 47 apps every day.

Within two weeks, they were singing ABC songs. In English.

And, within five months, they realised that the tablets featured cameras but they'd somehow been disabled. To solve the problem, they hacked the Android operating system to get the cameras working.

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Winning business with global megabrands: there's another way

Made In Norway

We were in Norway recently, speaking at a convention. Now, ordinarily, we might baulk at the idea of travelling over 700 miles for one engagement, but it turned out to be a gem of a trip.

Not only did we meet some wonderful people, we also lined up deals with a number of superstar megabrands. The kind of brands which would take years to get in front of, were you to go through their US or UK offices. But, over there in Scandinavia, there's a real hunger to try out new things, to meet new people, to get business done - and then, once you've achieved success together, to champion their pioneering work with you throughout the company's global network.

So, if you can't get in at Guinness, have you considered Guinness in Nigeria as your foot in the door? Have you approached Estée Lauder's Asian office "Osiao" instead of the US behemoth? It’s a small world… once you know where to start.

Have you done business with a huge brand overseas? Are you one of those adventurous souls doing pioneering work in a giant corporation's 'foreign' territory? Drop us a line - we'd love to hear your perspective.

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