How cosmetics Brands can Jenner-ate more income

A Quick Summary for Your Busy Day: (45 second read)

Cosmetics companies who develop and sell their own products have never had more opportunity to bring their products to market.

The past five years have seen a rapid rise in the availability (and affordability) of selling products online through ecommerce platforms such as Big Commerce, Hybris, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, which has made it easier than ever to launch products to a wide audience without having to invest in costly brick and mortar stores.

The challenge remains to make prospective customers aware of new product and brand launches. Cosmetics companies are turning to paid celebrity endorsers - influencers - in the hopes that their social media posts will lead to increased sales. It’s working, but costs are rising. Influencers are demanding higher and higher fees and brands are struggling to justify the cost and track the benefits.

This article shows that influencer marketing can be a powerful force for growth. But perhaps cosmetics brands shouldn’t be making those expensive gambles. Perhaps counterintuitively, going small means going big.

Nano-influencers from within brands’ own customer bases can represent the lowest cost and highest ROI.


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An army of lovers: the surprising new stars of influencer marketing

influencer army

Once a function of PR, but now very much embedded within everyone's marketing strategies, influencer marketing is the biggest game in town. But, in the light of recent reports highlighting the untrustworthiness of many influencers, is it time to think again?

We explore the past, present and future of influencer marketing, and take a look at the technology that's helping marketers engage millions of genuine voices with genuine influence, delivering genuine results.

The internet was supposed to save us from marketing bunkum. Gone were the days of super-expensive creative, plastered over billboards and magazines and televisions with nebulous impact. This was a new dawn, where everything was measurable, where scale kept prices down and where campaigns could be tweaked or switched in a heartbeat.

Then the internet broke.

Ad-blockers went all ad-blocky and blocked all the ads, leaving the field clear for giants like Facebook and Google to scoff up all the scale and inflate their prices accordingly. And the interweaving of customer-service with social meant that people were far more likely to respond to a sponsored post by grumbling about the last thing they bought from you than they ever were to go and buy anything else.

So, along

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Une Armée de Fans: Les Influenceurs Marketing sont les surprenantes nouvelles stars

influencer army

Autrefois géré uniquement par les relations publiques, le marketing d’influence est aujourd’hui démocratisé et bien intégré dans les stratégies marketing des marques, pour lesquelles cela est devenu un enjeu considérable. Mais, les rapports récents mettent en évidence le manque de confiance de nombreux influenceurs, est-il temps de repenser la chose ?

Analysons l’histoire et l'avenir du marketing d'influence, et intéressons-nous à la technologie du parrainage digital qui aide les spécialistes du marketing à mobiliser des millions de voix authentiques, qui ont une véritable influence et produisent de véritables résultats.

L'Internet était censé nous sauver des « foutaises » du marketing. Adieu l’époque des créas hors de prix placardées dans des milliers de magazines, ou des spots TV à l’impact nébuleux. C’était une nouvelle ère, où tout était mesurable, où l’économie d’échelle maintenait les prix bas et ou les campagnes pouvaient être ajustées ou remplacées en un claquement de doigts.

Puis l'Internet a éclaté.

Les bloqueurs de publicité ont laissé le champ libre aux géants tels que Facebook et Google pour s’emparer de l’économie et gonfler leurs prix en conséquence. Parallèlement, l’entremêlement du service client et du social a favorisé plus qu’autre

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Eine Armee von Liebhaber: Die überraschenden neuen Stars des Influencer-marketings

influencer army

Früher war das Influencer-Marketing eine Funktion der PR, aber jetzt ist es sehr in die Marketing-Strategien aller Unternehmen eingebettet. Es ist das größte Spiel der Marketing Stadt. Aber, mit neueren Berichten, die die Unzuverlässigkeit vieler Influencer hervorheben, ist es Zeit Influencer Marketing wieder nachzudenken?

Wir betrachten die Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft des Influencer-Marketings und werfen einen Blick auf die Technologie, die Vermarkter dabei hilft, Millionen von echten Stimmen mit echtem Einfluss und echten Ergebnissen zu gewinnen.

Das Internet sollte uns vor Marketing-Kauderwelsch retten. Vorbei waren die Zeiten der super-teuren Kreativen, verputzt über Reklametafeln und Zeitschriften und Fernsehern mit nebulösen Auswirkungen. Dies war eine neue Ära, in der alles messbar war, wo die Preise niedrig gehalten wurden und Kampagnen innerhalb kürzester Zeit optimiert oder umgestellt werden konnten.

Dann ist das Internet kaputt gegangen.

Werbeblocker haben alle Anzeigen blockiert und erlaubten Facebook und Google, ihre Preise zu erhöhen. Und die Verflechtung von Kundenservice mit sozialen Medien bedeutete, dass die Leute viel eher auf einen gesponserten Beitrag reagierten, indem sie sich über das letzte, was sie von Ihnen gekauft hatten, beschwerten.

Und so kamen die Mega-Influencer: die Chiara Ferragnis, die Leandra Medines, die Zoellas usw. In einer Welt, in der die Nutzer die

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Alternative influencer: the rise of the nano-influencer

Alternative Influencer

Were you at the Buyapowa Client Summit last week? If not, what on earth were you doing instead? You missed some big announcements about the year ahead, a spectacular panel from industry leaders and three excellent keynote speeches.

But don't worry. We captured the best bits for you to enjoy later, including this presentation from Buyapowa's very own Director of Client Success, Robin Bresnark, where he discusses the future of influencer marketing, taking in the topics of 'Murder She Wrote', standing on horses and sweet potato pie along the way.

Enjoy and, if you'd like to come to any of our future events, just drop us a line and we'll be sure to send you an invite.

See Recent Buyapowa Client Activity:

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