My Soho Home is your Soho Home

We're delighted to announce that Soho Home - the interiors and lifestyle brand extension of Soho House - has joined forces with Buyapowa to launch its first ever refer-a-friend programme.

For the past 22 years, Soho House has been synonymous with comfort, style and a certain intangible warmth that its competitors invariably fail to emulate. It's there the moment you enter any of the group's 19 clubs or hotels around the world, visit any of their cinemas, dine in any of their restaurants or indulge yourself at any of their spas and beauty parlours.

And now anyone can bring a taste of that warmth and luxury into their home, via a meticulously curated selection of furniture, homewares and accessories created for, tested in, and inspired by, their Houses.

Peer-to-peer marketing has always played a huge part in Soho House's success. Back in 1995, anyone who was anyone in the creative industries first experienced the brand via a personal invite from someone in their network. To this day, House memberships are still only attainable once applicants are proposed by existing members.

Now, thanks to the latest referral marketing technology, that sense of tastemakers tipping their friends off to something spectacular has

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Buyapowa and Heal's pioneer in-store referrals

Buyapowa can today announce that, together with the celebrated home furnishing retailer Heal’s, we’re breaking new ground in referral marketing technology - bringing a previously online-only phenomenon into the place where the vast majority of retail still takes place: physical stores.

As of today, Heal’s customers will not only be able to enrol in their hugely successful referral programme in-store, they’ll also be able to share incentives with their friends which can be redeemed either online at or at any of Heal’s stores across the UK.

We’ve achieved this by developing world-first technology which can quickly integrate with any EPOS system, enabling sales assistants to validate digital referrals on the spot. The moment a friend presents their unique incentive code in-store, our technology translates any applicable saving for the EPOS system while simultaneously identifying the referrer and issuing them a reward for making a successful introduction. This too, of course, can be spent online or in-store, maximising the chance of repeat purchases from loyal customers.

Heal’s will be promoting their exciting new programme via in-store signage, with flyers and on till receipts in the run-up to the peak Christmas trading

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Peru innovates, the UK waits...

The UK is rightly celebrated as the ecommerce nation. So, it’s puzzling that the premier department store in an emerging market like Peru should take the lead and introduce a referral programme ahead of the likes of John Lewis, House of Fraser, Selfridges, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols. But that’s exactly what’s happening today, as Oechsle - part of Peru’s multi-billion-dollar Intercorp conglomerate - has gone live with their exciting new referral programme, powered by Buyapowa.

That said, when you look back at Oechsle’s history, it’s a little bit less of a surprise. Since its inception way back in 1888, Oechsle has always been celebrated for its sense of innovation (it famously installed South America’s first electric lift!). With this launch, they’re continuing that tradition in the digital age, using Buyapowa’s cutting-edge technology not only to reward loyal customers but also to encourage and enable them to get their friends shopping, too.

Given the enormous breadth of Oechsle’s offering - from playpens to PlayStations and scooters to computers - every one of those customers is certain to know dozens more potential shoppers. That’s why Oechsle are using Buyapowa’s unique

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Heals stylish new referral scheme in 2 minutes

When a heritage home furnishing brand like Heals, which has been helping Britons design their homes with style and panache since 1810, decides to empower and reward its customers for referring their friends and family, then surely that is worth taking a look?

Enjoy the video!

If you haven't already seen the Heals introduce a friend programme, the short walk-through below will show you how it works.

Heals is just one of many leading brands and retailers that have put their trust in the Buyapowa referral marketing platform. If you'd like to see some case studies, or if you fancy a full demo of our platform, we'd love to hear from you .

Just drop us a line and we can share what we have learned about referral marketing from working with over 100 of the World's leading brands and retailers!

See Recent Buyapowa Client Activity:

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Heals: tapping the advocacy of brand fans

As we’ve seen in the past, working with brands like OKA and Amara, customers absolutely love to talk about interior design - and that’s what makes word-of-mouth marketing an absolute no-brainer. Which is why we’re delighted to welcome Heal’s into the fold, as they launch their very first referral programme - powered, of course, by our award-winning technology.

Essentially, we’re turning the conversations which already happen (“Where did you get those chairs? They’re amazing!” “I got them from Heal’s - I love their stuff.”) into direct digital calls-to-action. Because that’s the problem with organic word-of-mouth: there’s never a buy button when you need one. Our refer-a-friend platform solves that, giving existing brand fans the incentive and platform to go out and actively recruit their friends and family.

It’s a simple scheme. Every time a customer successfully introduces a friend, they’ll get £25 of store credit, while their friend will be incentivised to shop via a 10% saving. But Heal’s want to encourage their customers to refer multiple friends apiece, so they’re using Buyapowa’s cutting-edge tiered rewards feature to offer existing customers a bonus £50 for every

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