Heals: tapping the advocacy of brand fans

As we’ve seen in the past, working with brands like OKA and Amara, customers absolutely love to talk about interior design - and that’s what makes word-of-mouth marketing an absolute no-brainer. Which is why we’re delighted to welcome Heal’s into the fold, as they launch their very first referral programme - powered, of course, by our award-winning technology.

Essentially, we’re turning the conversations which already happen (“Where did you get those chairs? They’re amazing!” “I got them from Heal’s - I love their stuff.”) into direct digital calls-to-action. Because that’s the problem with organic word-of-mouth: there’s never a buy button when you need one. Our refer-a-friend platform solves that, giving existing brand fans the incentive and platform to go out and actively recruit their friends and family.

It’s a simple scheme. Every time a customer successfully introduces a friend, they’ll get £25 of store credit, while their friend will be incentivised to shop via a 10% saving. But Heal’s want to encourage their customers to refer multiple friends apiece, so they’re using Buyapowa’s cutting-edge tiered rewards feature to offer existing customers a bonus £50 for every

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