Why ethical fashion is made for referral marketing

The days when consumers would support brands without knowing anything about them are over. The internet has made it easier than ever to learn about the ethics and practices of companies which consumers support. Companies with track records of ethical missteps or questionable policies can’t hide those blunders anymore. Instead, they bear the brunt of bad social media buzz, which can have a very real impact on their stock prices and overall reputations.

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Yoo-hoo, we’re working with boohoo!


Smashing it since 2006, the UK-based fashion firm boohoo is both an ecommerce icon and a multi-billion-pound empire, parenting other hugely-successful brands including Pretty Little Thing and the US phenomenon, Nasty Gal.

So, it goes without saying that Buyapowa are incredibly honoured to be powering their first ever refer-a-friend programme. As of today, millions of boohoo customers can introduce their friends and earn £5 credit to spend at boohoo.com (we’re guessing a lot of that credit’s going to be spent on boohoo’s headline-grabbing new collaboration with the ultimate It girl, Paris Hilton), while their friends will each receive 25% off their first shop. Better still, thanks to Buyapowa’s unique gamification feature, everyone who successfully refers a friend will get the chance to win a holiday worth £1000.
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Everything we know about referral rewards and incentives. (Hint: it’s everything there is to know.)

Everything we know about rewards and incentives

You learn a thing or 39 working at Buyapowa, the world’s leading referral marketing platform. And, day in day out, we share what we know with our hundreds of clients across all kinds of industries – from fashion and beauty to telecoms and financial services, and everything in-between.

One of the topics we’re asked about most often is how to choose the perfect referral rewards and friend incentives. What are the different options available? Which ones work best in which circumstances? What value should they have? And what are the roles of rewards and incentives in the first place?

Well, here’s everything we know. And, now, you do too!
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River Island se lance sur le parrainge digital

River Island's new refer-a-friend programme

C’est un grand jour pour Buyapowa, vous avons appuyé sur le bouton de lancement du nouveau programme de parrainage de la célèbre marque fashion River Island. Cela suit le lancement de marques et distributeurs leader sur cette industrie : Zalando, ASOS, New Look et GAP.

Depuis les 60 dernières années, River Island a fièrement maintenu sa position d’innovateur en prêt à porter, chasseur de nouvelles technologies autant que de nouvelles tendances. C’est cette appétence à garder une longueur d’avance qui les a conduits à adopter le parrainage digital – aujourd’hui canal d’acquisition le plus efficace pour l’industrie de la mode – que cela soit au UK ou dans parmi les 18 autres pays dans lesquels ils opèrent à l’international.
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