Damart bring referral to the baby boomer generation


Referral is already the number one channel for customer acquisition in the fashion industry, with the likes of ASOS, Gap, Topman, River Island and New Look leading the way with programmes designed to attract younger shoppers. But now the legendary French brand Damart is setting out to show that it can massively boost acquisitions among more mature customers, too, launching their brand new referral programme, powered by Buyapowa.

It's a wise move: over-60s are now the fastest-growing and biggest-spending group of consumers in the world. Meanwhile, the 'Instagran' phenomenon has seen a massive rise in the use of social media by silver surfers - growing 50% year-on-year while activity among younger users has begun to plateau. These factors combined put Damart's core audience (older, more refined customers with a passion for quality) in an ideal position to share their innovative range of products with friends and neighbours.

Damart will also be using Buyapowa's unique omnichannel referral technology to boost their number of digital customers, helping transition shoppers away from catalogue and mail-order shopping. By combining an attractive £10 referral reward with a strong incentive for friends to shop, they're primed to acquire more and more customers for their online business,

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Topman x Buyapowa: we've got male

Topman x Buyapowa

Topman isn't what it used to be. Once a backroom hidden behind the crushed velet blouses your sister used to buy at Topshop, it's become a global pioneer, leading the way in menswear innovation through cutting-edge design, obsessive quality control and collaborations with the likes of Craig Green and J.W.Anderson and Nasir Mazhar.

And Topman's latest collaboration is every bit as on-trend, as they've joined forces with Buyapowa - the team behind ground-breaking referral programmes for ASOS, River Island, New Look, Nelly and PrettyLittleThing - on a refer-a-friend scheme designed to fit all their customers, from fashion-forward tastemakers to streetwear urbanites.

Word of mouth has played a huge part in Topman's success, attracting half a million visitors to its website every week and helping them set up shop in 31 countries worldwide. Now, by working with Buyapowa, they're able to harness that passion and channel it through a platform which has been proven to acquire record numbers of new customers online, on mobile and in-store.

Take a look at Topman's exciting new programme and, if you'd like more information about the fashion's world's favourite referral platform, just get in touch.

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Vivarte lance sa stratégie de parrainage digital

L'heure est à l’identification des tendances et stratégies marketing pour 2017. Bonne année !

Well, clairement la France à déjà commencé à adopter le réflexe du parrainage digital.

Ayant depuis quelques années identifié et exploité le célèbre phénomène du “bouche à oreille”, les marques et enseignes ont compris que les solutions et technologies étaient aujourd’hui au point pour propulser ce comportement consommateurs naturel dans l’ère du digital et tracker, comprendre, booster leurs actions marketing.

Et c’est sensé ! En effet, intégrer à sa stratégie un programme de parrainage nouvelle génération c’est aujourd’hui activer l’arme n°1 pour acquérir de nouveaux clients. Ne pas capter seulement un momentum mais bien suivre et motiver ses consommateurs tout au long de l’année et selon la période, la cible, l’offre, pour gagner la confiance de leurs amis.

Cette flexibilité, Vivarte a choisi de l’exploiter en utilisant la technologie innovante Buyapowa, pour lancer les programmes de parrainage Cosmoparis et San Marina. Deux marques aux profils complètement différents.

C’est bien parce que vous connaissez votre identité et votre cible, et que nous connaissons le parrainage digital et ses enjeux que le marriage est célébré en grandes pompes.

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It's the final(ist) countdown

We're delighted to announce that PrettyLittleThing.com's hugely popular referral programme, powered by Buyapowa, has been named as a finalist in this year's Drapers Awards.

Celebrating the best of the best in fashion retailing, the Drapers Awards are the most highly-respected industry awards, and we're especially honoured to be nominated in one of the most hotly-contested categories - Best Innovation in Fashion Retail - recognising that our unique twist on referral marketing is breaking new ground.

When you're selling a passion product like fashion, it makes perfect sense to try and harness all the excitement and social buzz around your brand and turn that into actual sales. Particularly when your customers are fashion-forward females aged 12 to 25 years old: perhaps the most socially savvy and connected customer generation of all time.

But, having carefully developed a distinct colourful and edgy brand personality, PrettyLittleThing.com couldn't just serve up a staid cookie-cutter referral scheme. And that's why they came to Buyapowa, taking advantage of the unrivalled depth of experience within our team, and our cutting-edge white label platform with its unique advanced sharing, smart-rewarding and gamification tools.

We'll be honest: it was brave of PrettyLittleThing to apply technology and innovation

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Let’s get personal: how referral is transforming an ecommerce phenomenon

Once upon a time, if you wanted to look the part, you’d have to know an awful lot about fashion, where to buy the best clothes and what’d look good on you. These days, the internet’s taken care of all that (thanks, internet!), due to the incredible success of personal stylist services from Keaton Row and Stitch Fix (for women) to Bombfell and Trunk Club (for men).

They all tend to work in a similar way: you sign up, get assigned a stylist then brief them on your likes and dislikes. Then off they trot to source the perfect wardrobe for you, and everything arrives beautifully packed at your front door without you ever having to set foot near a pokey fitting room. It’s the future. But now!

Most of these services have got where they are today on the back of personal recommendations from friends: “Wow, Zelda - you’re looking great these days.” "Thanks, Dahlia, but I’ve got all the taste of unseasoned tofu. This is all down to [insert name of brilliant web service here]. You should try them!”. So, it’s no wonder that one of the best personal styling services

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