Should you have to pay Facebook to speak to your Fans? (Part 2)


The first part of this blog article considered the value of Customer to Customer communications in light of the changes to Facebook's algorithm, this post considers how to motivate true Customer to Customer sharing...

Paying to Speak to Your Own Fans? (Part 2)

The Principle of Sharing: Value for the Giver and Value for the Receiver

The key to understanding this is the principle of ‘what’s in it for me’ or ‘WIITFM’ for your Fan. But also you need to think about ‘what’s in it for my friend’ or ‘WIITFMF’ from the point of view of your Fan to encourage sharing.

As argued above, if you can provide a good deal to your Fans they are more likely to be receptive and research has shown that one of the key motivations of friending on social networks is to gain discounts and access to exclusive offers.  But you can incentivise your Fans to share the offer with the possibility of a lower price, better deal, some exclusive content or other reward such as back stage tickets.

When the reward is seen as valuable and linked to your product or service, it should be seen as legitimate and importantly you

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