Putting On The Brits: Why Brands Rode The Gravy-Train Last Night

Brits and Brands

Looks like Damien Hirst may have used some of our favourites on the #BRITs2013 award! twitpic.com/c5f6nr

— Dulux (@duluxuk) February 20, 2013

If you’ve been anywhere near Facebook or Twitter in the past 24 hours, you’ll have seen lots of this: brands casually mentioning The Brit Awards, or posting pictures of their products dressed up as pop stars, awards or anything ‘Britsy’. And it wasn’t just last night that this kind of thing went on. There were similar tidal waves of products arranged into heart shapes for Valentine’s Day, brands ‘celebrating’ the DVD release of ‘Skyfall’ (though they had Sweet MI6 to do with the movie) and endless random Superbowl posts – often saying something along the lines of “We don’t understand it either, but… yay! Exciting!”

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Turf war! Retail VS Publishing.

Turf war! Retail v publishing

The French word for shop is ‘magasin’. We reckon they’re onto something, the French (beyond the nice art and the poodles and stuff), because magazines and retail go together like snails and garlic butter.

Except it’s the wrong way round. Instead of publishers exerting their incredible influence and ready-made audiences to do something magical with retail, they’ve let the shopkeepers jump them gun on them and launch their own magazines.

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Gamification: here’s how to make it work

Gamification: It's What Makes Social Soar

We’ve noticed quite a few people talking about “gamification” recently – some of it (perhaps wilfully) reductive, some of it a little too inclusive (are road signs _really _“gamification at its finest”, Mashable?). But the common thread seems to be an agreement that an interactive layer of incentives, goals and rewards is the hot new thing in social marketing. And, if your company’s not playing its customers off against each other to ratchet up the buzz, you’ll be going out of business quicker than you can pass go (without collecting £200).

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We’re reinventing the reader offer with The Mirror

Bargain Power for the Mirror

We’re delighted to be working with Trinity Mirror on a new *co-buying service *which we believe is set to reinvent the notion of the ‘reader offer’. The Mirror Bargain Power channel will launch next week, providing an interactive way for Mirror readers to request, share and enjoy unique deals. It will simultaneously enable some of the UK’s most innovative brands to engage with a whole new audience, earning new and influential social advocates. Exciting stuff! Here’s the press release in full…

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