"F-Commerce" is dead. Long live Social Commerce. (Updated)

F-Commerce is dead. Long live social commerce.

So, "F-Commerce" pioneers Payvment have put up the shutters and announced they'll cease operating next month. It's not all doom and gloom - by all accounts the team are moving on to e-commerce providers Ecwid, and there's a holding page on the Pavyment site attempting to transition all existing customers to that service.

But it's definitely a big, resounding death-knell for old-fashioned, unimaginative 'F-Commerce" - the term which was given to the first phase of efforts to sell in Facebook.

Not long ago, Payvment was the world's biggest Facebook e-commerce platform. Over 170,000 had set up trading stores on their Facebook Pages using their technology - so many, in fact, that Payvment were able to amalgamate them into a giant megamall (apps.facebook.com/shoppingmall/ - which appears to be as dead as its daddy right now).

But things have changed - and the way Payvment has been swallowed up by a more generalised e-commerce platform (which offers Facebook embeddability as just one of its services) is very telling. There's nothing wrong with setting up a store in Facebook - you might make one or two sales here and there - but setting up a store just in Facebook?

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