Le parrainage digital révolutionne le eCommerce selon la FEVAD

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que ce mercredi Buyapowa, lauréat du concours Start me Up organisé par la FEVAD et KPMG, a remporté la première place dans la catégorie marketing et communication.

Buyapowa et les 4 autres finalistes, ont été invités à présenter leur solution devant le jury (composé de la Co-présidente de la Redoute, le Co-fondateur de vente-privee.com, le Co-fondateur de monshowroomprive.com, le CEO de Oui.sncf, et le lauréat de l’année dernière) et le public composé d’experts du digital. Ensemble ils ont voté pour le classement des meilleurs start-ups E-commerce 2018.
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How Nine 7-Figure E-commerce Companies Scaled Their Customer Acquisition Channels

When you’re scaling your customer acquisition channels in order to grow your business, it can be tough to know which platform will bring your site traffic that converts.

Sure, you have killer content and you study your site analytics – you know exactly which channel is bringing in the money. But you can always test channels faster, be more flexible, and leverage existing customer data for more insight into your next audience.

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How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Your E-commerce Business

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all sales funnels. Instead, e-commerce marketers must rely on personalization and customer engagement to cut through the noise in a customer’s inbox and turn clicks into sales.

Thankfully, advances in artificial intelligence have made it easier than ever for small business owners to target individual customers with messaging that converts. From sophisticated email algorithms, to chatbots and app notifications, AI can help you track and respond directly to customer behavior insights.

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9 Reasons Why Great e-Commerce Referral Programs Succeed


A well-run e-commerce referral marketing program will almost certainly deliver on its promises: low-cost customer acquisition, and the most efficient method to attract new customers.  At Buyapowa we take time to educate our customers and prospects on the nuanced elements of a successful referral marketing program.   During the launch of a program, we help our customers understand some of the most basic and fundamental tenets of a good referral program.  The first six of these are:

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How Customer Lifetime Value Analysis Assists Marketers


Acquiring high lifetime value customers is desirable, but it can sometimes be difficult to identify which customers offer your business the highest lifetime value. New businesses don’t have established buying patterns to use for analysis, and a business with a disparate product family has many customer touch points and complex discounting structures, which can hinder customer lifetime value analysis. Finding a way to identify your highest lifetime value customers is as important to your business as calculating your customer acquisition cost.

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