Brands listen up; get your products off the shelves – and put them on pedestals instead!


Place your products where they belong: on pedestals

Ecommerce has rewritten the playbook for Direct to Consumer (or ‘D2C’). Where once it meant clunky mail-order, 28-day delivery windows and fulfilment courtesy of a man with a van, it now means state-of-the-art payment processing, next day shipping and as many whizz-bang plug-ins as your server can handle. More importantly, D2C lets brands develop their relationship with their customers at the most pivotal point: the bit where they stop looking up and start coughing up. That’s huge.

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Disintermediate! Disintermediate! How startups might exterminate agencies

Disintermediate! Disintermediate!

Two utterly fascinating articles from Giselle Abramovich recently on Digiday, the self-styled “Authority on Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising” (it really is, mind you – it’s excellent). The first highlights how brands are cosying up to startups, directly approaching innovators to develop and float new ideas and platforms. Of course, that used to be the role of agencies, who would then sub-lease these fresh new goodies to their clients.

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