Disintermediate! Disintermediate! How startups might exterminate agencies

Disintermediate! Disintermediate!

Two utterly fascinating articles from Giselle Abramovich recently on Digiday, the self-styled "Authority on Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising" (it really is, mind you - it's excellent). The first highlights how brands are cosying up to startups, directly approaching innovators to develop and float new ideas and platforms. Of course, that used to be the role of agencies, who would then sub-lease these fresh new goodies to their clients.

So it's no surprise that a recent follow-up article lists Five Ways Brands Are Cutting Out Agencies - a pretty terrifying read if you happen to work 'a-side'. Once again, it refers to this disintermediation of agencies - the way that brands are increasingly cutting out the middleman by sourcing and managing all the tools and resources they need to achieve success.

It goes without saying that the immense democratisation of recent technology plays a huge part in this. Where, once upon a time, you needed an agency to secure you the best rates for display ads, these days it's all done by machines with very little leeway for the creative flair agencies once brought to the table. As for social... well, which would you choose to nurture the bond between

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