Space NK: Three is the magic number

When it comes to referrals, one size definitely does not fit all. What works for a supermarket won’t work for a luxury fashion brand. What works for a mobile phone network won’t work for a casual dining chain. And, if there’s one sector which is all about finding the perfect match, it’s premium beauty – where the slightest variation in shade, smell or effect can make a massive difference.

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Bulk Powders muscles up their refer-a-friend scheme

Bulk Powders, Europe’s leading supplier of sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements, has joined forces with Buyapowa to muscle up its refer-a-friend scheme.

In order to boost customer acquisition from referrals, Bulk Powders decided on an upgrade to its existing scheme, selecting the Buyapowa platform for its websites in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands.

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How to save your business in under 18 minutes

Your existing marketing playbook just isn’t performing anymore. People are ignoring your ads, few users are clicking through, conversions are dropping. It’s getting harder and harder to acquire new customers every day.

Buyapowa’s Head of Product, James Grant, has the answer: alt acquisition. If you came to our event in April 2016, you’ll have seen his fantastic keynote address, explaining the science behind those diminishing returns and exploring alternative ways to supplement your acquisition – complete with compelling examples from Betty Crocker, via Ryanair right up to Tesla.

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Alt. Acquisition 2016: A night to inspire

Last night, some of the greatest minds in UK marketing and retail got together to enjoy an evening exploring new, innovative and increasingly essential ways to win new customers.

C-level execs from brands including The Guardian, Waitrose, Domino’s Pizza, Boots, Unilever, Three, Sky, L’Oréal, Majestic Wine, Revlon, Space NK, Time Inc, Hawes and Curtis,, Habitat and Cath Kidston came together at London’s Soho Hotel to listen to our guest panelists – Feelunique COO Jim Buckle, O2’s Head of Social, Kristian Lorenzon, our own CEO and Head of Product, Gideon Lask and James Grant, plus a wonderful moderator in the form of Matthew Tod – discuss everything from the death of display to chatbots, UX trickery and… weirdly, eggs.

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9 Reasons Why Great e-Commerce Referral Programs Succeed


A well-run e-commerce referral marketing program will almost certainly deliver on its promises: low-cost customer acquisition, and the most efficient method to attract new customers.  At Buyapowa we take time to educate our customers and prospects on the nuanced elements of a successful referral marketing program.   During the launch of a program, we help our customers understand some of the most basic and fundamental tenets of a good referral program.  The first six of these are:

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