The Power of Referral Marketing in Gaming

If you didn't see our article in eGamingreview's Digital Marketing, where our CEO Gideon Lask explains why referral marketing is a perfect fit for egaming companies seeking alternative acquisition channels, here it is:

The Power of Referral Marketing

Some industries are all about brand aura. Try buying a shoe-fetishist a pair of Caterpillar workboots for their birthday and persuading her that, hey - they both go on your feet, so they’re just as good as Monolos. Gaming isn’t one of those industries.

Some industries are all about habit and loyalty. Try getting a Mac user to switch over to a Windows PC, or - let’s be honest - anyone to start searching with Bing. Gaming isn’t one of those industries either. Gaming - especially eGaming - is all about acquisition. When you face a continually high churn of customers, and when it’s notoriously difficult to differentiate your offering from that of dozens of close competitors, acquisition is everything.

So, what’s in the standard playbook when it comes to acquisition? Display, SEO, SEM, affiliate, maybe even a bit of social where the rules and regulations permit - basically, anything you can turn on that helps

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Casino International Feature: Don't call me 'affiliate'

There is a world of difference between an affiliate program and an enterprise level referral marketing platform....Buyapowa's CEO Gideon Lask is interviewed by Casino International.

Casino International Online: Tell us a little about Buyapowa. What is the company's core mission? What's Buyapowa's history, where did you come from?

Gideon Lask: Buyapowa is Europe's leading referral marketing platform and is turbo-charging Refer-a-Friend acquisition for leading brands and retailers including Fun88, Ocado, O2, L'Oréal and the Guardian.

Our mission is to enable and empower all the customers of our clients to refer their friends, family and colleagues across all channels. We have been powering referral marketing for over 100 or the World's leading brands and retailers for over four years.

Buyapowa was founded by myself, having previously been CEO at, MD at and I built Universal Music's retail business.

CIO: With - for example - Fun88's use of Buyapowa, what would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of locking an affiliate program to just existing players/members? Why wouldn't you want anyone to be able to push others to the site?

GL: Firstly, we would point out that Buyapowa is not an affiliate program but an

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Winning New Customers Without Losing Your Shirt!


If you have been following the business pages lately you cannot help being struck by the huge changes underfoot in the online gaming industry with mega-mergers between Betfair and PaddyPower and GVC beating 888 Holdings to acquire Betwin.

These gaming behemoths have sought scale as a response to spiralling customer acquisition costs, as well as increased tax and regulatory burdens. A profitable customer can often cost hundreds of dollars to acquire.  It is refreshing to see a leading online gaming business like Welton Holdings’ Fun88 take an innovative approach to reducing customer acquisition costs.

Quite simply, Welton Holdings' Fun88 has gone back to a basic fundamental of marketing: ‘Word of Mouth’. But the innovation is in that by adding the latest generation of innovative Invite-a-Friend marketing software it has ensured that, finally, referral marketing channel can now drive a significant percentage of new customer acquisition.

But first let’s take a quick look at the challenges facing online gaming:


Online gaming is a fiercely competitive industry where, as Tim Stocks reported in April 2015, marketing costs are typically one-third of the operator’s total cost base:

Image: Page 6 of 'Red Roses

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