Competitions are officially worthless

Competitions are officially worthless

We'll keep this one short but sweet. In fact, you only really need to read the quote in bold below. It's a biggie. So, here we go...

We had a fascinating meeting with the Marketing Director of a consumer goods giant this morning. It would be wrong to name names, but this company's high up in the Forbes Global 2000, they're a household name brand. And one line struck us hard. It should strike you hard, too:

"We need to stop doing competitions. They're worthless to us. We need to prove that the fans we're attracting to our Facebook page are willing to invest in our brand."

Take a second to let that sink in, because it's a massive, unspoken truth. Competitions might seem to work, you might collect umpteen new 'Likes', you might gather god-knows-how-many email addresses. But all you're actually doing is identifying people who want something for nothing - the very people, in fact, you should be actively eradicating from your marketing databases.

It's a really bold move from this brand, and we're delighted to be helping them explore ways of growing a real community of passionate advocates who actually want to buy their products. Because that's

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