Big hand for a pioneering brand: BrewDog Beers

MashTag Beer

We spend a fair bit of our time talking about what’s NOT social commerce. Using a reviews plug-in for your ecommerce store? Not social commerce. Linking to your seasonal sale via Twitter? Not social commerce. Posting pictures of your products on Pinterest? Not social commerce (and also really hard to say). So, what makes us such experts in what’s not social commerce? Spending all day every day helping brands sell things in social: your actual, proper, bona fide social commerce. That’s what.

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We’re one of the most exciting new companies in the UK: and that’s official!

We're one of the most exciting new companies in the UK: and that's official!

We hate to blow our own trumpet. Luckily, the judges of the Real Business Wonga Future 50 blew it for us and included buyapowa in their definitive list of game-changing UK businesses last night. It’s a little humbling and a lot exciting.

We’re still very young and we’re learning new things every day, but we entered this market to prove that social commerce can and must be more than just bolting a store onto your Facebook Page, or collecting pennies via affiliate links. That’s why being recognised as doing something pioneering and of value to our partners is incredibly gratifying.

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