Carrefour: winner is served

Carrefour is on a mission. Within the next three years, the world’s second largest retail group wants to change the way it does business: rationalising its campuses, exploring new partnerships and reducing costs. It wants to change the way we eat: au revoir to planet-killing crap; bonjour to healthy, sustainable nourishment. And it wants to change the way we shop – a process that’s already underway in the group’s homeland, France, with the integration of all its services under one digital roof:

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Carrefour: Le vainqueur est servi

Le deuxième groupe de distribution au monde veut changer sa façon de faire des affaires. Ainsi, au cours des trois prochaines années, Carrefour a pour missions: rationaliser ses centres, explorer de nouveaux partenariats et réduire ses coûts. Le groupe veut changer notre façon de manger : au revoir aux cochonneries qui tuent la planète, et bonjour à une alimentation saine et durable. Et Carrefour veut changer notre façon de consommer – un processus qui est déjà en cours dans le pays d’origine du groupe, la France – avec l’intégration de tous ses services sous un seul et et même site :

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6 Referral Program Examples (& the Strategies You Can Steal)

Finding the right method to acquire new, valuable customers for your business is hard work.

For this coming year the industry sees marketing leaders turning to personalizing customer journeys, and adopting machine learningto reach new consumers.  However the proven tactic that continues to bring in loyal customers for web-behemoths like Dropbox, Slack, and AirBNB is referral marketing.
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Does an Automated Referral Program Make Sense for Your Brand?

automated referral program

When I first joined Buyapowa, I admit I was little confused about how automated referral programs worked. I didn’t quite understand what it meant to automate a process that humans do naturally. I’d seen referral programs run in the past, and it seemed pretty simple. Reach out to your customers, tell them you’ll reward them when they refer their friends, and wait for those friends to show up and make a purchase. It seemed like a pretty organic process, based on the natural relationship between people.

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