Social Media Week Bingo - Play NOW!


It's Social Media Week! To celebrate, we've put together this very special print-out-then-cut-out-then-keep-then-throw-away-after-a-few-days SMW bingo card. The rules are pretty simple:

1. Click to enlarge the image below.

2. Print out then cut out then... you get the idea.

3. Attend as many events as possible at your friendly neighbourhood conference.

4. When you see things, tick them off on your card. Not any old things though - just the things featured on the card. Don't tick off a pretty rainbow or a worrying mole on your forehead.

5. As soon as you've ticked off all 16 things on the card, shout "I'm a winner!"

6. Feel very good about yourself.

7. Contact us about about your prize.

8. Feel sad about there not being a prize.


Enjoy, and we'll see you down the front, moshing to Gartner's keynote on big data.

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Facebook Sponsored Bore-ies

Facebook Sponsored Bore-ies

Facebook's Sponsored Stories are could be awesome. The problem is that people aren't considering what content to push when they're spending money on campaigns. As a result, your Sponsored Stories are Sponsored Bore-ies. Yeah, we repeated a pun. Because... seriously, they're dull.

Here's an example.

Okay, bad example - that Sponsored Story was famously anything but boring. But most of them look something like this (in fact, this is one of Facebook's own official examples):

Hardly drives you wild with excitement, does it? Jane likes a shop. Wow. Remind me to spend my life's savings there some day. But Sponsored Stores can be SO much more. They can be this, packed with urgent calls to action and a sense of community:

Facebook sponsored story - so much better

That's because the second example leverages social commerce, gamification and Co-buying as dynamic sources of content for a Sponsored Story - resulting in a  truly compelling message. A compelling message that will actually get people interacting, as opposed to grumpily observing that Facebook's increasingly full of irritating ads.

So there's your takeaway: SOCIAL COMMERCE CAN GENERATE COMPELLING CONTENT FOR YOUR FACEBOOK SPONSORED STORIES. Now... ask yourself: "Why aren't we already doing that?" and get in touch to put it

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