How referral marketing can navigate around the adblocking problem

Nothing works like it used to, things that were free now cost lots of money, and things that were affordable no longer are. Such is the dilemma of a modern marketer.

The rise of ad blocking was a standout feature of 2015, a year which saw the release of Apple's iOS 9, the launch of the AdBlock browser on Android, and Adobe and PageFair forecast that it cost publishers up to $22 billon in lost ad revenue.

This is set against a backdrop of a number of challenges for publishers, including ever declining email open rates, the rise of ‘dark social’, paywalls on social networks reducing organic social to near zero, the trend towards delayed TV watching, Google’s continued assaults on the whole concept of SEO, banner blindness, paid search, affiliate goes on and on. Each of these, both individually and combined, makes it harder than ever to get marketing messages in front of a target audience.

For those who just can’t see beyond ‘interruption advertising’, the knee-jerk response is simply to shift ad spending to other media more impervious to ad blocking like pre-rolls on You-Tube and Facebook video and mobile newsfeed ads, paid product

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