Is one person running the social for every fashion retailer?


We've worked it out. There's one person running all the social media accounts for every single fashion retailer. Her name is Hermione, she's 23 years old, she's so excited to have a job in fashion that she's forgotten to do anything with her job, and she's crushingly, soul-destroyingly dull.

Well, guess what, Hermione? The game's up. Things have moved on. It's no longer okay to post endless Facebook galleries of your seasonal 'edits' (what does that even mean?) or nuts and bolts adverts for your products (pic, naff caption, link, done). If you worked in any other sector, you'd have been laughed out of the social marketing union by now. Just imagine the social bod at Halfords posting pic after pic of mounting screws for roof boxes ("these T-bars are to DIE for!"). He'd be drummed out of the business quicker than you can say: "Oh my god, you literally just bored my eyeballs off."

But fashion indulges this stuff. It's meek. It doesn't seek to engage its audience because it looks down on its audience: "These proles have never seen a pretty dress before. They'll explode with excitement when they see this one." But you know what? They don't.

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