My Soho Home is your Soho Home

We’re delighted to announce that Soho Home – the interiors and lifestyle brand extension of Soho House – has joined forces with Buyapowa to launch its first ever refer-a-friend programme.

For the past 22 years, Soho House has been synonymous with comfort, style and a certain intangible warmth that its competitors invariably fail to emulate. It’s there the moment you enter any of the group’s 19 clubs or hotels around the world, visit any of their cinemas, dine in any of their restaurants or indulge yourself at any of their spas and beauty parlours.

And now anyone can bring a taste of that warmth and luxury into their home, via a meticulously curated selection of furniture, homewares and accessories created for, tested in, and inspired by, their Houses.

Peer-to-peer marketing has always played a huge part in Soho House’s success. Back in 1995, anyone who was anyone in the creative industries first experienced the brand via a personal invite from someone in their network. To this day, House memberships are still only attainable once applicants are proposed by existing members.

Now, thanks to the latest referral marketing technology, that sense of tastemakers tipping their friends off to something spectacular has been applied to the range of must-haves and desperately-wants sold by Soho Home. And, while you don’t need to be a House member to shop at, a natural element of exclusivity continues with the rewards and incentives offered by the new referral programme – unique savings that will only ever be made available to referrers and their friends.

If you’d like to know more about Soho Home’s new refer-a-friend programme, or you’d like to find out more about the technology that powers it – and hundreds of other programmes for world-famous brands such as Zalando, Vodafone, L’Occitane, Gap and Expedia – just get in touch.

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