SFR dial up Buyapowa to reinvent referral marketing in France

The next generation of referral marketing has landed in France, as Buyapowa – the world’s most advanced referral platform – joins forces with SFR, France’s most innovative mobile network, to get their customers sharing and their friends shopping.

Until today, referral programmes in France have tended to rely on clumsy forms, which required customers awkwardly to enter their friends’ contact details and relied on resource-heavy offline tracking and verification processes. But, with the arrival of Buyapowa’s cutting-edge technology, that all changes – today.

SFR’s programme is seamlessly integrated into their omnichannel offering – working online, on mobile and even in-store. It’s effortlessly embedded in their website, connected to their SCV and CRM tools, and it’s aligned with their wider marketing strategy. Plus, it takes full advantage of the massive technological and cultural revolution the rest of the world has seen over the past five years, enabling customers to refer their friends via any number of next-gen tools, from social networks like Facebook and Snapchat to mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Even more importantly, SFR’s referral programme is smart: it’s designed to get customers introducing not just one friend but many, offering rewards which continually improve as their customers get more and more engaged. Anti features gamification leaderboards which pit their most passionate advocates against each other to see who can bring SFR the most acquisitions and earn an eye-catching top prize.

If you’re based in France and you’d like a closer look at what SFR are doing, or you’d like to chat about getting an equally powerful referral programme for your brand, just get in touch.

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