Referring all over the world

We’re delighted to be launching in yet another country – working with the online gaming giant, Fun88, in Japan. From our humble roots above a haunted Victorian mortuary (true!), we’ve gone on to power referral programmes across five continents in 17 languages and 13 currencies.

Because of all the amazing experience we’re picking up every day, our crack team of referral black-belts are now uniquely positioned to answer questions such as:

  • Which social network do Singaporeans refer with more than any other nation?
  • On average, how many shares does it take to generate a successful referral in Peru?
  • Which country holds the record for the most referrals achieved by just one customer?
  • Where can you get a great burrito in Gdansk?

If you want the answers – or just a chat about launching your referral programme anywhere in the world, give us a shout.

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