Oliver Spencer launches innovative new referral scheme

Oliver Spencer is a great British fashion brand that’s seen stellar growth since its creation in 2002, based largely on positive word of mouth from its customers as well as the loyalty of its celebrity brand ambassadors, including Jude Law, Idris Elba, Allen Leech, Michael Fassbender, Alex James, Gary Kemp and The Rolling Stones.

So we are very proud that Oliver Spencer has chosen Buyapowa to launch an innovative refer-a-friend scheme to incentivise and empower all of its existing customers to share their love for the brand

Given that the best arbiters of our tastes and style are often our friends, family and fellow members of our ‘fashion tribes’, Oliver Spencer understands that fashion retail is especially suited to referral marketing. So by firing up informal influencer communities and injecting social buzz to encourage a large number of customers to refer friends, it is getting around the issues that have beset online marketers such as adblocking, near-zero organic reach, high and rising paid search and affiliate costs etc.

Fans of the fashion brand will get £30 of store credit for each and every friend they introduce, with a further reward of a free shirt once they refer three new customers. Those newly-referred customers, meanwhile, will also receive £30 off their first purchase at Oliver Spencer.

Gideon Lask, CEO, Buyapowa, said: “I am delighted that a truly great and sophisticated fashion business like Oliver Spencer has chosen Buyapowa to power its refer-a-friend scheme. By combining concepts such as personal rewards, gamification and communal targets, Buyapowa incentivises referrals by providing something for everyone, either as an individual referrer or as part of the entire group. In contrast to traditional referral schemes, which attract participation from only a tiny percentage of customers and predominantly see only ‘one to one’ referrals, this is about convincing lots of customers to go the extra mile and enabling ‘one to many’ referrals.”

To take a look at Oliver Spencer’s programme, just click here.

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