Buyapowa helps OHM Energie bring green energy to more customers with refer-a-friend

Buyapowa helps OHM Energie bring green energy to more customers with a referral program

Innovative French clean electricity provider OHM Energie believes that environmental protection should be a priority for energy providers.

As they say in their mission statement, “The energy sector has evolved a lot over the past ten years without you really benefiting from these developments.” So their commitment to their customers is to ensure that, across France, people can benefit from these emerging technologies, green energy initiatives and smart innovations.

The OHM Energie team’s mission is in three simple steps. First, to deliver more affordable energy that factors in customer habits and needs and utilizes smart technology. Second, to deliver 100% green energy through hydro, biomass, wind and solar power production that helps to protect the environment. And finally, to offer advice to their customers on how to be better, smarter energy consumers and how to adapt to reduce energy consumption that’s better for the planet and easier on the wallet.

And we couldn’t be more excited to be helping them along on their mission by powering their referral program, so their passionate customers can refer OHM Energie to their friends, and family and bring more green (and affordable) energy to more homes and help protect this little blue planet of ours.

Are you an OHM Energie customer? Then what are you waiting for, get referring!

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