Off the peg social commerce for your brand’s Facebook page: why wait?

Ready to wear social commerce for your brand's Facebook page

We’ve all been there. Someone has a brilliant idea about how to reach more people, sell more, do more… then it goes to the UX team, then the product team, then the dev team. It goes through 1000 stages of planning, wireframing, working prototypes, UAT, iterations. More and more complexity, more and more time, more and more money.

We were speaking to a very well-known drinks company recently about a fantastic social commerce campaign they had run on Facebook. It was beautifully implemented, it worked really well – people shared, people engaged, people bought – but it had cost them the best part of £100k to implement and they’d emerged with no way of repeating the campaign without spending a similar amount.

Needless to say, they were very excited when we told them we had a super-affordable, off-the-shelf solution which offers almost identical functionality, lives in your brand’s Facebook page, takes less than a day to implement and is reusable again and again and again – at no extra cost.

All that is absolutely crucial for agencies who have heard that social commerce is THE #1 social media trend for 2013 and need to roll out quick-but-affordable solutions to their clients before they get left behind.

If that sounds like you, take a minute to drop us a line. That single minute could be all it takes to get a cutting-edge social commerce campaign up and running on your Facebook Page.

Robin Bresnark

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