Influencer plus referral equals an instant classic

First things first: can we all agree that ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ is pretty much the greatest achievement of the 1980s? That’s right: greater than mixtapes, greater than Speak & Spell, maybe even greater than Ms. Pac-Man. But, in spite of its gargantuan greatness, ‘FBDO’ is fundamentally flawed. Why? Because it seems to suggest that ‘borrowing’ someone’s car inevitably leads to it being driven backwards, through a plate glass window, into a tree.

Okay. Maybe that actually is the case when it comes to vintage Ferraris, but let’s not get carried away. Let’s not assume that borrowing something that belongs to someone else always leads to disaster. Because, sometimes, it pays off big time.

Take the social team at the fitness and sports nutrition brand, Protein World. They recently borrowed the Buyapowa refer-a-friend software from their marketing department and – hey-presto! – they completely revolutionised the way they work with influencers.

Previously, Protein World had run their influencer programme much like everyone else: hire a bunch of big-hitters from Instagram and YouTube, pay them to post a bunch of sponsored content, then cross your fingers and hope for sales. But, by using Buyapowa’s advocate-to-checkout tracking technology, they suddenly had a way of determining their influencers’ actual influence – tracing each and every sale back to the web-celeb who triggered it. That not only gave them a huge amount of control over whom to activate, where and how; it also enabled them to introduce performance-related pay, saving them a fortune in the process.

That’s just the first of many ways our platform is enabling Protein World to do some seriously smart things with their army of advocates. They’re also able to offer tiered commissions (which pay out more generous rewards as influencers generate greater and greater numbers of sales), leaderboard prizes for the influencers who have the most impact within a short window of time, and even spot rewards for the influencers who produce the most engaging content.

It’s early days for Protein World’s programme but, so far, the results have been absolutely stellar. Stay tuned for more news but, in the meantime, why not drop us a line – we’ll get you and your social team on the road before you know it.

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