One referral good. Many referrals better.

Get your customers referring again & again

Most referral platforms regard one referral per participant as a success but, here at Buyapowa, some of our clients regularly see 10, 20, even hundreds of paying referrals generated by their most active super-advocates. In fact, across our entire range of clients, one in every 50 referrers is responsible for almost 20% of all referrals. Find these people, equip, incentivise and nurture them, and the rewards can be immense.

In the slides below, we examine some great examples and unveil the tools and tactics you need to get your customers bringing in more friends than ever before. Some of them make use of technology, others lean on psychology, but they can all make a massive difference to the success of your referral programme.


Download as PDF (2.1MB)

If you have a referral scheme and would like to know how to get your customers referring more of their friends – or even if you’re thinking about setting up your very first scheme and want to get ahead of the curve – we’d love to chat with you.

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