LV= is in the air

Ask anyone at the financial services brand LV= what they’re most proud of and, chances are, they’ll say it’s being the UK’s most recommended insurer according to YouGov (the most quoted authoritative measure of public opinion and consumer behaviour).

That’s no mean feat, especially in a sector where competition is fierce and the slightest slip-up can drive customers into a rival brand’s arms.

So, it makes total sense that LV= (or Liverpool Victoria, as you might know them) should want to capitalise on this hugely positive organic word-of-mouth and bring it up to date with a digital refer-a-friend programme. Specifically, a refer-a-friend programme powered by Buyapowa, the most advanced global referral platform.

Why Buyapowa? Because we’re trusted by financial services brands such as The AA to deliver a powerful platform that’s not only secure and 100% compliant but also highly configurable and endlessly flexible – allowing our clients to issue different rewards when their customers’ friends purchase different products. That’s essential when, like LV=, you offer a broad range of products and services, at all kinds of price-points,

Of course, great technology counts for nothing unless you know how to use it. And that’s why our fully-managed service is so prized by our FS clients: they can rely on the expertise of the world’s leading referral experts safe in the knowledge that their programmes are constantly monitored and improved.

Take a look at LV=’s programme and, if you have any questions – or you want to know how referral marketing can give you an advantage over your competitors – just get in touch.

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