Live Co-buys at the Mindshare Huddle 2012


We had a fantastic morning, staging some live co-buys at Mindshare’s entirely wonderful Huddle ‘Unconference’. To give our delightful attendees a taste of what it’s like to stimulate huge levels of brand advocacy and online sharing via social commernce, we divided them into three groups and set them the task of selling out a co-buy for Jagermeister.

As the pic above shows, at the time of writing our Tim’s Green Team are currently in the lead (bah!), but it’s all to play for! Certainly, the other teams aren’t taking it lying down, and they’ve been taking to Twitter to fight their corners:

If you’d like us to stage a live co-buy at your event, or just fancy a demo of co-buying and how it can ignite your brand’s social presence, drop us a line. We’d love to do more of these.

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