Joe Browns new referral scheme

Joe Browns, the quirky Leeds based feel-good lifestyle brand present in over 250 stores worldwide, has partnered with Buyapowa to empower and enable all its customers to recommend the brand they love to friends and family.

As a brand that is passionate about creating wonderfully unique ranges of clothing that people simply love to wear day in day out, Joe Browns takes influences from all over the world to offer something that stands apart from other high street or shopping mall fashion options. They do this by combining bold colours, bright patterns, fabulous silhouettes and high quality, distinctive 3D detailing with authentic little touches and fine details to give customers clothes that help express their individuality.

Because of the uniqueness of the Joe Browns range, it attracts many loyal and passionate brand fans that provide an ideal reservoir to turn positive word-of-mouth into sales. And from today, thanks to Buyapowa’s Refer-a-Friend platform, all of those brand fans can offer friends and family a £5 incentive to try the brand for the first time. And for each new customer referred, the referrer also gets £5 store credit against their next purchase.

Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO of Buyapowa said “Frankly for any business that relies on a strong brand identity to maintain an affinity with its customers, adopting a a simple cookie cutter referral scheme just isn’t going to cut it. It can even be detrimental to the customer experience. But for a brand as powerful and distinctive as Joe Browns this was never an option. They choose Buyapowa not just for our advanced sharing tools and unique combination of smart rewards, incentives and gamification, but because our true true white label experience allows the referral process to blend seamlessly with the brand.”

Joe Browns is just another example of one of many fashion and beauty brands and retailers that have turned to Buyapowa to supercharge their customer acquisition with referrals. If you would like to understand how referral marketing can work for you, then get in touch.

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