Highered Global teams up with Buyapowa to help acquire new students

Highered Global, founded in 2015, is on a mission to innovate how talent acquisition is done in the recruitment space and empower students and alumni from schools all over the world to develop their talent and connect with the world’s top employers.

The Highered Career Management System (CMS) allows employers and recruiters to reach their ideal candidates both efficiently and cost-effectively by enabling them to easily launch marketing campaigns, engage career services to share job opportunities through local school channels, post ads on Highered’s own job boards, host private virtual events with specific candidate criteria, and so much more. And their enormous list of virtual events lets employers meet the perfect candidates and potential new hires and for students and alumni to connect with potential future employers.

So, with advanced digital tools, a growing talent pool of more than 350,000 students and alumni from more than 700 schools worldwide and a vast network of employers and recruiters, there’s no better place to launch or develop a career, provide career opportunities to students or acquire the very best in talent; whether you’re going global or sourcing local.

And Buyapowa is excited to announce that Highered has partnered with us to power a student referral programme to acquire more students so that their talent pool can get even bigger!

If you’re thinking about launching a referral programme like Highered Global’s, then don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help!

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