Facebook Sponsored Bore-ies

Facebook Sponsored Bore-ies

Facebook’s Sponsored Stories are could be awesome. The problem is that people aren’t considering what content to push when they’re spending money on campaigns. As a result, your Sponsored Stories are Sponsored Bore-ies. Yeah, we repeated a pun. Because… seriously, they’re dull.

Here’s an example.

Okay, bad example – that Sponsored Story was famously anything but boring. But most of them look something like this (in fact, this is one of Facebook’s own official examples):

Hardly drives you wild with excitement, does it? Jane likes a shop. Wow. Remind me to spend my life’s savings there some day. But Sponsored Stores can be SO much more. They can be this, packed with urgent calls to action and a sense of community:

Facebook sponsored story - so much better

That’s because the second example leverages social commerce, gamification and Co-buying as dynamic sources of content for a Sponsored Story – resulting in a  truly compelling message. A compelling message that will actually get people interacting, as opposed to grumpily observing that Facebook’s increasingly full of irritating ads.

So there’s your takeaway: SOCIAL COMMERCE CAN GENERATE COMPELLING CONTENT FOR YOUR FACEBOOK SPONSORED STORIES. Now… ask yourself: “Why aren’t we already doing that?” and get in touch to put it right.

Robin Bresnark

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