Game over: EE hi-scores with its influencer marketing campaign


If you’ve been following the blogs, the tweets and the general hubbub that make up the marketing community, you’ll have seen a lot of talk about Influencer Marketing recently. Some of it’s been wildly theoretical (“uhhh, I think this would happen”), so we reckoned it’d be helpful to share a real life example with you here: the innovative Social Selling campaign which the leading UK telco EE recently ran on the Buyapowa platform.

Why’s it such a fascinating example? Well, just take a look at some of the headline stats:

  • 60,000 transactions in just 3.5 weeks
  • An unprecedented level of ‘Fan to Fan’ sharing
  • The top two referrers brought in 801 and 613 other participants respectively

So, how did it work?

To promote its super-fast 4GEE offering to mobile gamers, EE looked to influencer marketing,and enlisted the leading YouTube gaming blogger Alistair Aitken (better known as ‘Ali-A’) to promote a limited edition Ali-A sim card – featuring hundreds of GB of free data – to his fans and followers with tweets and videos like this:


Back to the top

To get the gamers sharing and generate word of mouth, EE offered prizes that really connected with the gaming community. These included a day’s gaming with Ali-A for the ten fans who got the biggest number of friends involved, plus a prize draw for Ali-A merchandise for more lucky participants.

All gamers received their SIM card in an Ali-A branded envelope personalised with their first name, plus exclusive texts and content from Ali-A over the course of the next couple of months.

For this campaign, EE used no paid promotion and no PR, relying entirely on the initial seeding from Ali-A and peer to peer sharing from participants, which makes the results all the more impressive.

The success of the EE Ali-A event, as evidenced by the impressive metrics above, shows how influencer recommendations can be used together with the viral mechanics of social commerce to magnify the reach and effectiveness of promotions.

If you are considering an Influencer Led Social Commerce Campaign here are the key learnings we can share to maximise your chances of success:

  • ensure that social is ‘baked in’ from the outset: use the language of social and facilitate social behaviours in all aspects;
  • get your Influencer to seed the campaign on as many channels as possible including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, email and any other relevant media;
  • make sure your Influencer pushes messages throughout the entire length of the campaign and reminds participants to share;
  • ensure incentives reward sharing and provide prizes that connect with the audience;
  • make sharing easy and feel like a natural part of the experience, particularly sharing from mobile phones.

If you would like to know more about the innovative Social Commerce campaigns we are running with brands like EE, O2, Tesco, NBCUniversal and many more, then please get in touch.

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