Do you fancy saving 40 million dollars?

Science From Our Labs

How much is a social share worth to your business? A few pennies? More? As much as $4.15, like the value Eventbrite recently put on every single Facebook share? That’s some serious ROI providing you spend significantly less on cultivating those shares.

Our boffins in the buyapowa lab have been busy crunching the numbers and… well, let’s just say we’ve created 10m shares since we started out 12 months ago (actually, not far off). That would be worth about $40m.

That’s what the boffins say.

Our accountants, on the other hand, regret to inform us that we haven’t yet made anything like that in fees.

Which means our clients have seen some serious ROI.

Fancy joining them? Drop us a line and we’d be delighted to share some more secrets from our lab!

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