Christmas 2012 is ALL ABOUT social commerce (infographic)

Social Commerce Will Dominate Christmas 2012

Infographic from STEELHOUSE

A fascinating infographic has been released by the ad:tech company STEELHOUSE, summing up their Christmas retail research. One thing’s pretty clear: this Christmas is all about social commerce.

You know how everyone’s always talking about mobile? We love mobile, too (don’t get us wrong), but this Christmas totally isn’t about that. In fact, the majority of people said they wouldn’t be using their phone or tablet to browse or make gift purchases. At all.

Conversely, 64% of people say that they’ll definitely be checking out reviews and recommendations before buying anything. In other words: almost two thirds of your customers are putting social commerce first. Now, you can ignore numbers like that, but we really wouldn’t recommend it.

And unprecedented numbers of businesses aren’t. Our phones have been ringing off the hook over the past few days as brands, retailers and publishers get in touch, looking to add some social commerce sparkle to their Christmas promotions. We’ll be working with them over the coming months to build unique, self-sustaining platforms – serving their communities, growing new ones and returning unparalleled, measurable value. But, in the very short term, we’ll be getting quick-win social commerce campaigns off the drawing board and straight onto their Facebook Pages and websites within a matter of hours.

We can’t think of any other social commerce company who can react so quickly and deliver such a viable, proven-to-work product so quickly. And we’re very proud of our tech team, who’ve enabled us to help such a wide range of clients with minimum fuss and maximum benefit. Of course, we’d love to help you, too – so, if you’re dreaming of a social Christmas, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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