BT Mobile, Lebara and Three’s Smarty all join the Buyapowa family

BT Mobile, Lebara and Smarty

Just last month, we announced the launch of a refer-a-friend programme for Vodafone’s VOXI sub-brand. Today, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be working with three further UK telecoms companies: BT Mobile, Lebara and Smarty – the brand new in-house MVNO from another of our clients, Three.

Each of these networks is highly distinct, with singular selling points: BT Mobile offers the UK’s biggest 4G network, free wi-fi and perks such as BT Sport; Lebara specialises in international calling, offering packages including unlimited calls to 50 countries across the globe; while Smarty is one of a new breed of highly-targeted sub-brands with compelling features – in this case, a novel new approach to data, where any unused megabytes are refunded the following month.

For a number of years, Buyapowa has been the go-to referral marketing platform for the telecoms industry. Clients such as Three and O2 have benefitted enormously from our technology but, equally, we’ve benefitted from working with them – developing our understanding of the telecoms sector and its customers at a rate and to a degree which would never have been possible without such incredible hands-on experience. And it’s that experience which enables our team of experts to help craft unique but consistently effective programmes for each of our telecoms clients.

This is a sector where referral isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must. Now that 94% of UK adults own a mobile phone, the opportunity for growing the market is slim – so switching has become the number one focus. But, with so many brands fighting for potential customers’ attention (and direct debits) within relatively narrow parameters of differentiation, acquisition can often feel like a battle of attrition where multimillion pound advertising campaigns become a game of snap and every blow is met with a parry.

That’s why referral has emerged as a critical channel for acquisition. A potential network switcher sees dozens of adverts, each proclaiming the best coverage, the cheapest prices, the best customer service, but it’s only by listening to their friends’ real-life experiences that they’re able (and motivated) to make a choice. Referral not only provides a vehicle for those conversations but it becomes the engine: actively engaging existing customers and rewarding them for talking to their friends, while simultaneously incentivising conversion among those friends to ensure the greatest possible results.

And thanks to the latest referral technology – including omnichannel capability, tenure-based rewards and multiple referral drivers – referral marketing now fits in with the way telecoms brands work, rather than the other way around. Referred-in customers can now sign up online, on mobile or even in-store, benefiting from a conversation with expert sales assistants. Rewards are no longer paid out in the hope that acquisitions will stay for a set amount of time – they’re now 100% dependant on that commitment. And telecoms brands are now able to incentivise their customers to make not just one referral but two, three, four – often dozens apiece.

If you’d like to take a closer look at any of our telecoms referral programmes – including the exciting upcoming launches mentioned above – or if you’d like to talk about how referral can make all the difference for your brand, just get in touch.

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