BLOCX and Buyapowa are a partnership made in referral heaven

BLOCX is an exciting and innovative disruptor in the Australia and New Zealand real estate space, using the power of social networks to change the way people sell and how agents run their business. Their mission is to democratise real estate and instil sellers with a strong sense of trust, control, safety and security, and empower agents to deliver a world-class experience every time.

For sellers, the BLOCX platform allows them to list their property and browse through a list of local agents to find that perfect fit for them. And for agents, it takes all the hassle out of endless prospecting with things like cold calls and flyers, so they can focus on what’s important: Selling and running their business.

With community and social networks at the heart of what BLOCX does, it’s no surprise they’d look to launch a referral programme and make it a core part of their user acquisition strategy. And we’re so excited to announce that we are the ones they’ve selected to power that programme! Now anyone can earn up to $500 for successfully referring BLOCX to their friends and family, so they can enjoy a safe, hassle-free way of playing the real estate game. But they’re not done, BLOCX will even donate an extra $100 to a charity of their choice once the property is sold.

Check it out for yourself:


If you’re interested in launching your own referral programme that leverages word-of-mouth and social networks, then book a demo with us today. We’d love to talk!

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