Influencer plus referral equals an instant classic

First things first: can we all agree that ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ is pretty much the greatest achievement of the 1980s? That’s right: greater than mixtapes, greater than Speak & Spell, maybe even greater than Ms. Pac-Man. But, in spite of its gargantuan greatness, ‘FBDO’ is fundamentally flawed. Why? Because it seems to suggest that ‘borrowing’ someone’s car inevitably leads to it being driven backwards, through a plate glass window, into a tree.

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Buyapowa Client Summit 2019

What do you get when you decide to work with Buyapowa? Well, you get unprecedented numbers of valuable new customers, acquired via the world’s leading refer-a-friend platform. You get unlimited support and guidance from our team of advocacy experts, plus a fully-managed service which makes launching and refining your programme a breeze. But, most importantly, you get to come to the annual Buyapowa Client Summit – just like these wonderful people did this week:

As always, it was a blast – and it turned out to be every bit as enlightening as it was fun, thanks to absolutely fascinating guest presentations from Bulb’s Jenny Zhao and SMARTY’s Ian Buckley, plus a panel chaired by ecommerce legend Matthew Tod and featuring Vodafone’s Daniel Thomas. From our side, we were delighted to announce several brand new features coming soon to the Buyapowa platform, and to explain how our clients can use some whip-smart psychological hacks to supercharge their referral programmes.

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Tout sur les incentives et récompenses en parrainage

Everything we know about rewards and incentives

Travailler chez Buyapowa, la plateforme leader en parrainage digital, nous en apprend beaucoup. Nous partageons jour après jour ce savoir acquis au contact de tous nos clients, représentant aujourd’hui plus d’une centaine de marques à l’international et dans différents secteurs industriels – de la mode à la beauté, en passant par les télécoms ou les banques, et bien d’autres encore.

Un des sujets sur lequel nous sommes le plus souvent questionnés concerne les récompense et incentives qui sont attribuées aux clients. Quelles sont les différentes options possibles ? Qu’est ce qui fonctionne le mieux, et dans quelles circonstances ? Quelle devrait être la valeur de ces récompenses ? Et quoi servent-elles en premier lieu ?

Nous vous exposons ici tout ce que nous savons sur le sujet !
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Six marketing, retail and advocacy trends for 2019

Advocacy trends for 2019

We got a brand new crystal ball as an early Christmas present. Not one of those rubbish ones from ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, which just shows flying monkeys and melty witches. Nope, our one’s much more useful, because it allows us to peek behind the curtain and see what’s in store in the world of marketing, retail and our own particular field of expertise: advocacy.

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