Finalists for Oracle Retail Week Awards 2014


We are really excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Oracle Retail Week Awards with our client Tesco for their Co-buys powered by Buyapowa.

Social-Commerce doesn’t mean using social simply to market existing e-commerce platforms (a la Pinterest), it means using social to actually power retail, helping people to shop where they socialise, to buy things with their friends, to access offers and exclusives via viral networks, to influence the price and nature of products with their collective, social voice. Co-buying doesn’t merely use social to spread the word about deals, it uses social to define those deals. 

And that's exactly what Tesco has set out to do with its Co-buying channel ( It is a truly innovative leap into the next era of e-commerce. 

We are looking forward to winning this prestigious recognition with Tesco for their pioneering and effective approach to commerce and customer engagement.

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