I can see clearly now….Atol’s new referral programme

We are proud to announce our partnership with Atol Les Opticiens – France’s leading opticians, who have focused on providing freedom and finding innovative solutions for eyeglass wearers since 1970. Atol have been constantly ahead of the game – realising the importance for customers to feel comfortable wearing glasses, they offer augmented reality to try different glasses at home and share with friends on Facebook to get a second opinion, and allow customers to change the style of their frames to match their attire. Innovation is in their DNA: back in the day they were the first in the market to offer a free second pair of ‘emergency’ glasses and have always been focused on protecting the environment through sustainability.

By taking part in Atol’s refer-a-friend programme, you and your friends can receive exceptional rewards. Who doesn’t love to see exceptional service and cash vouchers for sharing good experiences?

You can view their referral programme here, and if you like what you see: get in touch with us. We can set you up with a referral programme too.

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