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social commerce report

Wow. The US-based 8thBridge just released an absolutely enormous 111-page report on social commerce, which we’re going to spend a lot of time devouring. But the headline findings are already very interesting:

  • 70% of respondents would rather hear about a new product from a Facebook friend, than from a brand

  • 57% have asked their friends on Facebook for advice before purchasing a product

  • 64% said that more Facebook “likes” on a product do not increase the likelihood that they will buy that product

  • 35% of companies researched had apps on Facebook that were not functioning and/or were out of date

  • Growth areas include website social apps, Facebook custom open graph integration  and social logins

  • The most social companies are 17 times more likely to incorporate social functionality into their websites

  • Rewards are critical to encourage sharing and customer referrals

  • The past was about driving brand awareness. The future is about driving commerce.

Here’s some of those findings in a nice, print-out-and-keep infographic. And stay tuned – we’ll be deep diving into this behemouth of a report over the coming weeks.

Robin Bresnark

Infographic Via 8thBridge

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