80% of January Sales are over by January!

80% Of January Sales Are Over By January!

Five social strategies for maximising your January Sale

With January sales starting earlier and earlier, most have run out of steam by the time January even begins.

‘New Products Added!’ claims don’t work and the high street is already awash with ‘70% off messages’, so how are you going to ensure your campaign gets long-lasting cut through?

Here are our tips for using Social-Ccommerce to launch and maximise the potential of your January Sale:

1. Get your social audience involved early. As we approach the tail end of December use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to ask your audience what they want to see in your sales. Make them feel like they’re curating the campaign.

2. Sometimes less is more. It’s tempting to launch all your offers on day one, but hold some back. Treat them as mini-marketing hand grenades and launch them regularly throughout the duration of the campaign.

3. Make some of your offers exclusive to your social audience. Low-volume, so it feels exclusive, and high-discount will create buzz and excitement. Launch them mid-way through the January Sales and you’ll get people talking about your campaign again.

4. Get shoppers in the first 2-weeks of a sale to ‘bounce-back’ by giving them an exclusive deal only available in the final two weeks of the sale.

5. Reward your social audience with offers, but offers that they need to earn. Unlock exclusives when enough shoppers commit. Dynamically drop the price as more people buy. Add to the offer as each new shopper joins.

At Buyapowa, we love making shopping entertaining – and that’s what a January Sale should be. Retailers & brands like Tesco, Argos, Sony and Pepsi will all be using our Co-buying platform to support their January sales.

We have our own, very exclusive New Year Sale price on offer 10 lucky partners. Call or email to find out more.

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