Stick or Twist: should you upgrade or replace your current referral program?

Tug of war between upgrade or replace
If you’ve already built your own referral program in-house, or had one built for you by an agency, there’ll likely be a moment when you realise that it’s no longer fit for purpose. Perhaps your needs changed since you launched it, as your business scaled, you internationalized or launched new products and services? Or maybe customer user experience expectations, social network use and sharing behaviors have evolved since then? Or it may no longer comply with new laws and regulations? Or it could be simply that you realize that it could just be more efficient, generate more referrals and require less manual effort.

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Why ethical fashion is made for referral marketing

A boutique store with various ethically made fashion items with a color tint and blog title layered over it

The days when consumers would support brands without knowing anything about them are over. The internet has made it easier than ever to learn about the ethics and practices of companies that consumers support. Companies with track records of ethical missteps or questionable policies can’t hide those blunders anymore. Instead, they bear the brunt of bad social media buzz, which can have a very real impact on their stock prices and overall reputations.

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